Marblehead Family Genealogy Web Pages


The following sites will lead you to personal family web pages created by users who are searching for and researching other Marblehead ancestors. If you have questions about any of the information contained on these web sites, you should contact the owner of the page you are viewing. If you know of another site which you would like to see listed here, please email me.


PEACH Genealogy of Marblehead, MA 

part of the PEACH Home Page which features many links to other Peach family web sites and mailing lists. 

SWETT Family Genealogy Part of a web page featuring the Swett family from many locations, it includes details of the branch from Marblehead, including photos of historic artifacts and in-depth genealogy for families throughout Essex County.

MAVERICK web site - includes information on Moses Maverick(e) of Marblehead

WILLIAM WALTON and ELIZABETH COOK of Marblehead - great web page with wills, court records and extensive history on multiple early MA families. 

WILLIAM HINES (HINDS) of Marblehead, MA 

Descendants of ISAAC ALLERTON

Descendants of ISAAC ALLERTON another great site for Allerton information.


ROBERT and ELIZABETH MANSFIELD - five generations including those from Lynn, and Marblehead

WILLIAM ALTON and his descendants of Marblehead

GETCHELL Lineage  

The descendants of RICHARD SEARS of Marblehead

DOLIBER, PEACHES, ORNES, GOODWIN, DIXEY families - articles in back issues of the Marblehead Magazine online series on first settlers of Marblehead.